Need an easy way to track your time?

TimeKeeper is a simple time tracking application. Keep track of your day to day activities when working on your Mac. No addition setup required after installation, just enter what you are doing an start tracking your time.
  • track activities you are currently working on
  • idle time detection
  • reminders for notification tracking
  • backup/sync data between multiple Macs using Dropbox
  • global hotkey to bring up TimeKeeper using keyboard
  • autocomplete @projects/#tasks when entering activity
  • add/edit/delete earlier activities
  • view reports for day/week/month or all activities
  • mark activities as invoiced, filter invoiced/non-invoiced activities
  • export activities to CSV and XML files
  • import activities from XML file
  • copy activities from report window to spreadsheet/word processor application
  • StatusBar icon to view current activity duration and easily switch between recent activities
  • StatusBar only mode (application not visible in Dock and ⌘+Tab)
March 22, 2017Release of version 2.7.1
  • support dark menu bar mode
  • fix activity database upgrade on macOS 10.9
March 21, 2017Release of version 2.7.0
  • iCloud support on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and newer /Mac App Store version/
  • Starting from this version all future updates will be able to self update /Website version/
  • various fixes and improvements
October 03, 2016Release of version 2.6.0
  • allow dots in tags, now can specify a tag like: #mywebsite.com
  • do not show main window on startup if configured as Statusbar only app
  • total duration in report window is in the same format as in duration column
  • enhancements for Dropbox integration
August 25, 2015Release of version 2.5.1
  • Fixes an issue with Dropbox sync on OS X 10.8
July 10, 2015Release of version 2.5
  • project and task names now can include a dot. It’s possible to create project like a website domain, for example: “UI design for @foo.com
  • report window can be configured to include project and tasks columns
  • fix error in Dropbox sync
  • stability improvements
July 02, 2015TimeKeeper beta

A beta version with a features of upcoming version (2.5) is now available

November 12, 2014Release of version 2.3
  • improved Yosemite compatiblity
  • other fixes/improvements
November 20, 2013Release of version 2.2
  • changed statusbar icon
  • allow to set notification interval starting from 1 minute
  • bugfixes
August 09, 2013Release of version 2.1
  • undo support in report window
  • dynamic sidebar items in report window
  • bugfixes
April 09, 2013Release of version 2.0
  • OS X notifications
  • allow to run TimeKeeper in StatusBar only mode
  • backup and sync data to Dropbox
  • filter invoiced/non-invoiced items in Report winow. Toggle filter bar with menu “View->Show Filter” or shortcut ⇧⌘F
  • idle time detection
  • screensaver/screen sleep/computer sleep/lock detection
  • global hotkey to show timekeeper
  • bugfixes and other improvements
September 17, 2012New store and demo
  • new way to purchase TimeKeeper through FastSpring
  • now you can try TimeKeeper before purchasing, download demo in download section