Privacy policy

We do not collect any personal information from your use of Activities/tasks you enter while using TimeKeeper are stored locally on your device.


If you have chosen to syn your tracked activities with iCloud then your activity data will be sent and stored on iCloud servers. Please refer to Apple privacy policy


If you have chosen to sync your tracked activities through Dropbox then your activity data will be sent and stored on Dropbox servers. Please refer to Dropbox privacy policy


If you have chosen to buy TimeKeeper through our website then payment processing and information is handled by FastSpring. Please refer to FastSrping privacy policy

If the purchase is made with FastSpring, we are storing the following details about the purchase:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name (if provided)
  • E-mail address

Contacting support through website

When you submit a support request through the Support Form your e-mail address (if provided) will be stored in database so we can respond to your support request if needed. Also an IP address will be logged with your support request